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Roof Mount

Roof-mounted solar electric installations are the most popular among both residences and businesses. A typical roof mount consists of a group of interconnected photovoltaic modules, called a solar array, directly attached to a building.

A south-facing roof is ideal for the array to receive as much sunlight as possible. However, solar can also be effective when mounted onto east- or west-facing roofs.

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Ground Mount

If a site is unsuitable for a roof-mounted solar system, a ground mount made of pressure-treated lumber is an alternative. A wooden ground mount is the most cost effective for non-roof installations. Ground mounts also provide a more natural look in an outdoor environment and require the smallest footprint.

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Pole Mount

A pole-mounted system, which consists of a solar array supported by a single galvanized steel pole, is another alternative to a roof-mounted system. One advantage of a pole-mounted system is having the ability to adjust the solar array at different times of the year for optimal output. Galvanized steel is also more durable than wood and allows more flexibility in construction.